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Below are some of the reviews, articles, and unsollicited user comments we have received. If you would like to add your comment, please email it to us.

I found the Import Wizard software and tried it. I've been surprised to discover what we can do with it. We have a lot of different test reports to import into databases but we didn't have the application for it. Now we have Import Wizard.
We also needed an application to help us capture these reports from different COM ports to be able to import them. Beside Company developed this application with great teamwork between Beside and us. They delivered us a great little application that corresponded to our needs! Thanks!

Jean St-Cyr, ABB Inc., Canada

The Import Wizard software was used as a part of the anti-money laundering system dedicated for the Main Inspector of the Financial Information of the Ministry of Finance in Poland launched by ComArch S.A. It supported the module designed for the analysis of the abnormal and dubious transactions.
Ministry of Finance, Poland

USE THAT HARD-TO-EXTRACT DATA. [...] Some applications produce datafiles that are difficult to bring into Excel. If you work with programs that frustrate your import desires, turn to the Import Wizard add-in from
Book Excel Annoyances by Curtis Frye, published December 2004 by O'Reilly, ISBN 0-595-00728-0

Great product. I've been introducing it amongst our users group members and have just setup a sharing web page for IW templates.
Jeffrey S Rutz, Vice President/CIO - PayLess Drug Stores, USA

We are frequently asked to look at legacy data systems, and combine them with our websites. This tool has already saved us days of painful data entry, and I've only had it an hour.
Paul Bisceglia, United Kingdom

A robust alternative for importing text [...] Surpassing Access's Import Text Wizard [...] In addition to simply importing data, the wizard lets you manipulate data prior importing it into Access.
Article in Inside Microsoft Access (, October 2002

I've downloaded the shareware version of the Excel Import Wizard. This program is wonderful! I have already found within a few short hours that it will be integral in taking output from SAP R/3 and cleaning it up for use in MS Excel. [...] Your program is saving hours of data clean-up/conversion time. This is truely a value generation product that adds to the bottom line.
Gregory K. Barton, Houston USA

I just imported a 3+ million record text file. The record counter next to the % display was a little crowded! You may consider expanding that out a little on the next release.
Great product!

Steve Drown, Alabama USA

Thank you so much. The file is exactly right!!!! This would have taken my data processing department quite some time and probably not achieved these results. I have been in data processing for letter shops for many years and I wish I would have known about your program a long time ago. There were many projects that this would have worked for in the past and I will be using it for many projects in the future.
Karen F. Goode, Plant Coordinator - DNB Mailing Services, Washington USA

Sample data files are included, along with a detailed help file that not only shows you some import results but also walks you through several example problems. If moving data has been problematic in the past, Import Wizard Pro may be your answer for the future.
Review by ZDNet Shareware, received 5 out of 5 starts, October 15, 1999

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